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Enjoying the benfits of Maximyzr

Skyrocket your website speed without hours of developer effort

Experience rapid website acceleration effortlessly with no scripts or code deployment.

Enjoying the benfits of Maximyzr

Empowering website improvements making it faster at low cost!

For Web Developers


Minimyzr's recommendations enable performance enhancements can be implemented faster enabling developers to focus on core business activities.

For Performance Specialists


Identify performance issues and access website-specific recommendations without the need for time-consuming research.

For SEO Professionals


Observe changes in critical website speed metrics and align them to changes to website sprint activities.

For Marketing Directors


Increase conversions and revenue with targeted performance enhancements and compare performance against competitor websites.

Productivity Gain

Productivity Gain

Minimyzr streamlines the optimization process while providing web developers with a comprehensive toolkit for continuous improvement.

From tracking changes over time and against competitors to running the AI for ongoing enhancements, Minimyzr is designed to be a dynamic and indispensable resource in the web development toolbox.

Selection of Minimyzr AI recommendations
Increased revenues and excellent customer experience from a fast website

Accelerated Development

Accelerated Development

Our AI empowers developers to implement targeted solutions efficiently.

Ensuring direct and impacting improvements in line with Google's Core Web Vitals criteria is critical to success. Minimyzr reduces the time it takes to identify, resolve and improve your site speed and empowers developers to complete web performance tasks 80% faster.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Once changes have been implemented, Minimyzr can be used to identify new opportunities for improvement.

This ensures that developers stay ahead in the optimization game, with the tool consistently offering insights to further enhance site speed.

Minimyzr AI Delta report summary
Increased revenues and excellent customer experience from a fast website

Measure Against Competitors

Measure Against Competitors

With capability to track development changes made over time, Minimyzr provides comparison against against competitor websites.

Valuable insights into the competitive landscape enable competitive edge to be maintained.

"Minimyzr AI is more than a tool, it is a paradigm shift in web development. We stay ahead of the curve, out-pace competition, and elevate our user experience digital products. It is possible with AI-driven insights that rewrite the rules of web optimisation."

VP Product

FTSE 500 company

Technology Agnostic

Minimyzr is completely technology agnostic, regardless of the environment you run.

Some of the technologies Minimyzr works with.